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Corporate culture 

Essence of our corporate culture

(1)Our mission
  Extolling Weiyi and polishing the world for all humans

(2)Our vision
 To be the leader of grinding industry.

(3)Our spirit
 Being enthusiastic and hardworking.

(4)Our values
 (1)  Our core values: Responsibility, Thanksgiving, Innovation, Harmony.
 (2)  Our shareholder's values: High-level accountabilities, long-term rewards
 (3)Our values for customers: Win-win cooperation and common development.
 (4)Our values for employees: Coming a long way and sharing joys and sorrows.
 (5)Our values for partnerships: Mutual benefit, honest and friendly.

(5)Our enterprise styles
 Serious and Solid, Quick response, Work with passion, life with happiness.

(6)Our Slogan
 Extolling Weiyi ans achieving our success. Polishing the world for all humans

(7) Our Concept
 (1) Our management concept: Methods are always more than difficulties. There is no best, only better.
 (2) Our quality concept: Product quality depends on workforce quality.
 (3) Our sale concept: Getting reasonable returns base on providing value to customers.
 (4) Our market concept: Satisfying the markets and creating the markets.
 (5) Our Competition concept: Leading all peers to win-win cooperation.
 (6) Our Technology innovation concept: Collaborative integration,independent innovation, striding mainly over.