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Yangjiang weiyi polishing material co.,ltd was founded in 1998, production base covers an area of 46000 square meters, with more than 300 employees. Nowadays, WEIYI have developed into a scientific and technological enterprise which include research & development, production and marketing of many series grinding materials.

Recruiting positions

1. Technical R&D engineer (Annual salary: ¥70,000-¥200,000)  Recruiting Numbers: 2

1、Full-time bachelor degree at least, chemical engineering related majors, such as abrasives, applied chemistry, polymer materials and engineering etc. 

2、Mastered with Chemistry engineering professional knowledge, give priority to people with experience at technical R&D of grinding/polishing material or related chemistry engineering.

3、Skillful at using office software; With innovative thinking; Be serious and responsibel for work.

4、Have a certain communication and coordination ability, it's better to be familiar with the ISO9001 quality management system.

5、Have team work spirit.

6、 Company establish welfare for technological remould  rewards, R & D innovation  rewards, assigning for further study, dual-track promotion for R&D staff, At least 2% bonus for new developed products within 5 years, provide living place with one living room and two rooms.

2. Project production assistant (Annual salary: ¥60,000-¥100,000)  Recruiting Numbers: 1

1、Full-time bachelor degree at least, chemical engineering related majors, such as abrasives, applied chemistry, polymer materials and engineering etc

2、With grinding/polishing technology experience and production management experience in chemical-industry type enterprises.

3、Skillful at using office softwares.

4、Strong communication ability and team cooperation spirit

3. Merchandiser (Basic salary + sales bonus)  Recruiting Numbers: 3-4

1、Age below 35, male prefered, technical secondary education at least. Terms can be softened for people with marketing experience or relative professional knowledge.

2、Have strong ability of language expression, good at mandarin and cantonese.

3、Have strong ability of business, good team cooperation spirit,be serious and responsible for work.

4、Have driver's license C.

Workshop director assistant/Management Trainee (Monthly salary:¥3500-¥4500)Recruiting Numbers: 1

1、Technical secondary education at least, people with workshop management experience preferred.

2、Familiar with office software application and it's essential datas input and statistic.

3、Be serious and responsible for work, willing to start from the basic level, have the spirit of bearing hardships.

4、Have a certain communication and coordination ability and team work spirit.

Our welfares:

1. Buy social security for all company employees.。

2. 5 days off per month for monthly-rated officer, 4 days off for production workers, possess the national legal holidays and paid vacation.(maternity leave, disease/injury, wedding leave, funeral leave, etc)

3. Company has the dining hall, complement half of boarding expenses , serve with herbal and Syrup while summer days.

4. Monthly assessment for instant incentive prizes; Rewards for innovation,rationalization proposal and invention patents; Abundant gift and gift money for Mid-autom/Spring festival.

5. Annual tourism activities opportunity for employees who work for company after one year.

6. Perfect internal and external training mechanism, Organize various training occasionally according to different needs.

Contact number: 13664990742(Liu xiaoyun)  13421299123(Tan jieyuan)

Contact emails: 1184360898@qq.com

Company address: The dashishan industry zone, Beiguan town, Yangdong district, Yangjiang City, Guangdong province.(In front of qizheng gate, go straight along the SHIJI avenue for about 700 meters)