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  • Non woven wheel Stainless steel knife,scissor, tableware and vacuum flask Metals of construction, handle, hinge, gate lock and door hinge Wipe off the burr of golf and cue Bakelite, wood and plastics
  • Cleaning  wheel Marble, granite and ceramic tile
  • Non woven discBicycle frame, metals, metal pressing and metal jointing
  • Gray wheelThermal sink with aluminium Electrical-appliance faceplate, aluminium product, rim of bicycle and tripod The stainless steel vacuum flask Products of allumen and titanium alloy, for example, battery of mobile phone, camera, tripod and spectacle frame
  • Wind wheelMetal lighting Metals of bathroom Handicraft article of cutlery
  • Single sided polishing wheelChopping knife, fruit knife and kitchen knife
  • Non woven polishing wheelLockset, metals of bathroom Metal lighting Handicraft article and adornment
  • Scouring padMetal lighting, metals of bathroom and hinge Knife, scissor, golf, the stainless steel vacuum flask, battery of mobile phone, buckle, metal button Bakelite, wood and plastics
  • Non woven flap wheelMetal, watchcase and metal lighting Metals of bathroom Electrical-appliance faceplate
  • Woolen wheel Elaborate Polishing about the upholster of automobile and construction
  • The pulling wheelIron and steel,the stainless steel,wood Wipe off the burr for different kinds of materials Coordinate with the brasive finishing machine
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