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Sales network 

Our products are sold to China, southeast Asia, Japan and other countries. We possess more than 10000 end users which include many integrity famous enterprises.In order to provide more convenient customer service, We have builded exclusive shops across more than thirty provinces or cities in China, including the famous regions like Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong. Weiyi will as always, to provide you the best products and the most convenient service!

ID City Name
1 Zhongshan Zhongshan Xiaolan Image Shop
2 Jangmen Jangmen Huatong Image Shop
3 Jangmen Baishijie Image Shop
4 Jangmen Lijing Image Shop
5 Jieyang Jieyang Image Shop
6 Shanghai Shanghai Image Shop
7 Dongguan Dongguan Image Shop
8 Kunshan Kunshan Image Shop
9 Xiamen Xiamen Image Shop
10 Shandong Shandong Zibo Image Shop
11 Chaozhou Caitang Image Shop
12 Zhongshan Zhongshan Dongsheng Image Shop
13 Zhejiang Yongkang Image Shop
14 Foshan Foshan Lishui Image Shop
15 Foshan Foshan Dali Image Shop
16 Dongguan Dongguan Changan Image Shop
17 Dongguan Dongguan Fenggang Image Shop
18 Huizhou Huizhou Chenjiang Image Shop
19 Zhaoqing Zhaoqing Gaoyao Image Shop
20 Shenzheng Shenzheng Pinghu Image Shop
21 Dongguan Dongguan Shijie Image Shop
22 Changzhou Changzhou Jiangsu image store
23 Huizhou Huizhou Boluo image store
24 Zhejiang Zhejiang Yongkang Daben abrasive Material store